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Select grade will be limited in imperfections such as skinning cuts and holes.

8 sq feet). .


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com. Tribal Spirit now has 15 different colours of deer leather. Black Men’s Crepe Sole Moose Hide Moccasin, size 13, (might also fit size 12 feet) Canadian made by Hides in Hand Worth over $100 new No text messages please.

I didn’t know it yet, but it was the beginning of the greatest journey of my life that brought me to more than 45+ countries! I was living in my suitcase going deep and wide in every country to find the best product at the right price.

So Raw Hide of one powwow drum (3 pieces) are $250. . .

About Us; Calgary, AB –. Centralia Fur and Hide, Inc.

I loaded countless number of.

Brand New And Never Stepped On Brazilian Cowhide Rugs are in stock, All these cow hides come from European Breed, Raised and Chromium Tanned.

(they buy from Centralia. Buckskin Leather is the authorized distributor for Hermann Oak Leather in Canada.

I know crazy excitingYou have some choices. Whether you are searching for bear rugs or coyote pelts, we’ve got you covered! Please browse through our large selection of rugs, hides, and pelts from a variety of animal species.

Wholesale Leather Skins and Leather Hides Supplier.


We have served as one of the highly subscribed raw furs and deer hides dealers for the past 30 years and continue to deliver the best quality products across the globe.

bellies) and the age of the animal (e. Red Deer; White Tail Deer; Reindeer;. Tanned Hides For Sale.

. . . Raw Hide Circular Fleshing Knife Grinders $15. Welcome to Montana Leather Company, one of the premier online sources to buy leather.

ca | Canadian Heritage Company with 50 years of experience.

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These hides are subject to holes, blemishes and scaring which is true with most natural wild game hides.


Deerskin Rawhide - 2 oz Hide - Large - Extra Large - A Grade - B Grade from $55.

!!! Available as of june 2012 Deer; Gold, Brown, Tan and White (2 1/2 oz) great for regalia, pouches, beading, clothing!! Moose; Gold, Brown & Dark Cork (3 1/2 oz) great for moccasins, purses.