February 9 – 28, 2021.

The Stella excels at fighting Eclipse hostiles and new Outlaw Armadas. .

TOS Part 3 Event Updates and Gift; Enjoy the Outlaws Content! Crucible of War (COW) Event; Apex Event;.


As you’d expect with Scotty, it’s a straightforward functional ability. Captain Saint Patrick. .

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. https://youtu. How well did Star Trek Fleet Command do with the first part of the TOS Arc? January 2021 saw new ideas, new events, and of course a brand new storyline arc.

So you’ll see not only content from Lower Decks, but also TOS, TNG, and Discovery. ago.


Where you’ll have a puzzle to figure out to find the next events.

1 / 2. .

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Tier up the Stella, fight off the new hostiles and then scrap and rebuild the Stella to gain rewards! Use the Outlaws Research tree to upgrade the Stella’s power and capability.
Battle Pass Event Log.
Part 1.

Fleet Command’s first Seasonal Arc has begun, and will continue over the next three months as the Borg conflict unfolds.


. Separatists. I'm not aware of any use for that system besides that plotline.

With this exocomp, when you kill the Supply Ships, you get 9900% of the normal loot, but only on the amalgam. 1 / 2. TOS Part 1: Now and Ten Part 1: 25: 24: The Original Series: TOS Part 2:. . Separatists.


. space to see if the rewards are worth it.

Thanks! At least one viable answer.

Officer shards can be earned by completing the following missions: A Rude Awakening Part 5, Dead Memories Part 1, Dead Memories Part 5, Doomsday Part 9, and In Times of Trouble Part 1.


Crucible of War (COW) Event.